Potty training after hypospadias

It’s summer. And as for most of us, it’s flying by. School shopping is done and the little ones are getting ready for the change of seasons, earlier bedtimes and cooler weather. Last year at this time things were’t as fun. I believe we had a supra pubic catheter just put in or about to be. We had tragically lost our 6 year old lab in the middle of it all. And my panic level as a mom, unsure of what tomorrow would bring, was through the roof. Once the supra pubic catheter was in, we were on medications that made Emmett overheat quickly, so we spent most of the summer indoors. When we would go out, the urine bag hanging from his leg would elicit questions, end up falling off or needed draining, that it really wasn’t worth it. I’d spend hours cleaning the stoma and going through piles of tegaderm in attempts to secure and re-secure the tube to his stomach in a way that it wouldn’t tug. It’s amazing how much can change in a year. This summer has brought us mini vacations, ice creams and a spunky, now 2.5 year old with a still beautiful pee pee that works incredibly well. It’s funny how much we revere it and still cheer every time he pees or does anything demonstrating its functionality.

We recently potty trained. While as with any 2.5 year old, we still have the occasional accident and are in diapers at night, Dr. Snodgrass (who, of course we also revere) mentioned some hypospadias boys strain around potty training after hypospadias repair. Emmett breezed through it. However one thing did jump up in the potty training process: We worked hard for such a perfect stream for our little guy. I began to noticed that when he’d sit in his potty trainer to pee, he’d have to push it down to get it in rather than up, over and out. After so much, stopping the stream was the last thing we wanted.

I searched potty training after hypospadias repair. Ultimately, in a few years he’d be peeing standing up – that’s in part what we’re going for with the repair – so this introduced the question: Should hypospadias boys toilet train sitting down after hypospadias repair? I found lots of potties for special needs children with high splash guards and other modifications, but they weren’t what we needed. As moms who’ve potty trained a toddler know, being out and about while potty training is difficult, especially considering bathroom quality. I thought, if he stands up, we could avoid this. I ended up buying the Kolcraft Boys Stand-Up Toilet Trainer from Amazon for $11. It’s a tad short but it travels well, is easy to clean and avoids the need to sit down toilet train. I also found some stand up urinals that attach to the wall and could set the proper height. I also found keeping one in the car for travel is a good idea, otherwise if you’re quick, the nearest tree works just fine. Another option is to skip the small potty trainer and hold them on the toilet without the guard. The downward legs puts them at more of a tilt and provides more room to potty train sitting down, without stopping the flow or making a splash.

What have you found that works for you? The best of luck in potty training after hypospadias and with your little one as he grows.

– Christina

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