Mild versus Severe

When our son is diagnosed with hypospadias we want to know so many things: What caused it, how will it affect him, how can I fix it and … well, maybe first off, how bad is it? Whoever diagnosed your son with hypospadias has likely told you the severity. In mom terms it’s mild, mid shaft or severe. In practitioner terms it’s glanular (mild), distal (mid shaft) and proximal (severe). This is also called anterior, including glanular and subcoronal; middle, including distal penile, midshaft and proximal penile; and posterior, including penoscrotal, scrotal and pereneal. All this really means is where along the under shaft of the penis the urethral meatus (the pee hole) is located.

Mild versus severe hypospadias | Why does it matter?

If a child has glanular, or mild hypospadias, surgery may not be necessary and not cause problems with urination, erections or other sexual function later in their life. If a child has distal or proximal hypospadias, surgery typically is necessary to ensure normal function later. Apart from the repair, a child with more mid shaft or severe hypospadias may have a narrow opening that needs correction in order to avoid back pressure and infection of the bladder and kidneys down the road.

Regardless of severity, in all cases, you never want to circumcise a boy with hypospadias because the foreskin may be necessary in the repair. It’s best to wait until after surgery and following no complications.

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“Mild versus Severe”
  • Hi my name is Ashley and my son is scheduled to have his surgery next week- from what I can tell it’s minor hypospadias – it doesn’t say anything as to the severity on his paperwork only that it is no chordee – my husband and I are having second thoughts- we have another consultation with his surgeon on Thursday and I have a list of questions for him- from what I read I feel like our son may not need an operation as his case is mild- I want the best for my baby- any suggestions

  • Hi Ashely, please consult with your doctors and/or surgeons, however repairing mild hypospadias isn’t medically necessary, especially if there’s no chordee. I would make sure you get second opinions and consult with experienced pediatric surgeons. In my experience, surgeons differ on their opinions for surgery with mild cases and it definitely depends on your son’s situation. I would be happy to talk more about it if you’d like, and wish you well on your journey through it – Christina

  • Hi ashley ,
    did you go through surgery for your son.
    My son also has very mild hypospadia. i would like to learn from your experience.
    some times i think its unnecessary to opt for surgery when urination seems normal.
    looking forward for your reply

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