In this together

I receive so many emails from mamas in similar situations. Many who have sons with mild, or glandular, and are in the process of deciding whether to repair or not and a vast majority of others who have sons with penile, penoscrotal or perineal hypospadias. It’s a tough process, and one that’s saved for only the strongest of mamas.

There’s conflicting information online regarding the right time to repair, if you should repair glandular hypospadias, if you should wait or if the conditions are mild, forgo the repair entirely. Many of you tell me it’s comforting that I’ve shared my story. I share it for that reason and also because it’s comforting for me. Oftentimes as moms, we’re unsure who to tell or we don’t tell many. If we do, as you’ll likely find, many have never heard of hypospadias and you’ll find yourself explaining probably more than you’d like. You search online and find comfort in other moms. You ask doctors and talk with surgeons. Sometimes the information conflicts, sometimes not, but since your little one is so small, it’s just not enough to make an easy decision. Did you cause it, should you repair it, when and by whom? It can be a lot. So for that, I shared our experience.

I haven’t written for awhile. I think it’s because we were in the middle of it for so very long that it’s been nice taking a breath and seeing the sunshine that somehow popped through the clouds. All the while though my mind in bubbling up with topics I’m looking forward to writing about. Until then, feel free to email. We’re all in this together : )


Best to you, Christina

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