Hypospadias boys after repair

Sometimes, for months I think about sitting down and blogging. Now with the holidays, a floppy new puppy, work at my agency busier than ever and a husband experiencing health issues, I feel the weight of world on my shoulders. Many of us do. But this morning I woke, coffee in hand and sat down to read a comment from the second mama who reached out to me this week. Amongst her message, titled ‘Thanks’, she said something that brought tears to my eyes: “God picks his strongest warriors for his toughest battles. I believe this will make them even stronger in the future.” I believe this with all of my heart. I think I also cried because it softly pokes at an old wound and reminds me of Emmett’s battle. Moms, it can be so very hard. When I respond to each of you, I do so with all of my heart because I’ve been there. Most of our concerns are the same. Most of our worries after hypospadias repair are the same. Even before deciding to repair, we have the sometimes gut-wrenching decision of whether to repair our son’s hypospadias or not. Is it our decision? How do we know we made the right one? How will it affect him in the future? Will his hypospadias surgery be a success?

As I type, Emmett runs downstairs looking for Percy the Train (Thomas’ friend), he’s naked, as always, and couldn’t be more happy and healthy, eyes full of life, his blond hair wild and free. For us, now almost a year after that first beautiful stream, I believe it was.

Sometimes moms ask about hypospadias repair for mild cases, or how we told our son or plan on discussing hypospadias with him in the future. Sometimes parents keep the hypospadias just between parents and grandma-grandpa and feel isolated. I was asked the other day about the psychologist effects of hypospadias boys after repair down the road. In my mom opinion, the more we can be open with them about their body, and remember that quote, ‘God picks his strongest warriors for his toughest battles’, we can maybe mitigate some of the psychological effect. Emmett was getting ready for bed last night, still naked, and with a smile he said “good pee pee”. As insignificant as it sounds, he’s right. It is a good pee pee. I hope for him to never have problems with it or issues surrounding it. I want for him to love it and his battle through it. I wouldn’t repair a son with mild hypospadias, but in our case and with the potential for issues with urination, erections and sexual function later in life, I believe repairing my son’s hypospadias was the right choice. I’m pleased beyond belief with the work of Dr. Warren Snodgrass and Dr. Nicol Bush.

Emmett’s doing amazing and I still celebrate every pee. Although sometimes he says “Pee pee hurts”. I find this is when he gets a little erection while he also has to pee. I find that taking him pee immediately resolves it. I ask again about it afterwards and he typically says “All better” : ) Down the road, he may have an issue, he may not. Time will tell.

The impact of operative interventions on sexual function has been lightly addressed, in part for privacy and for lack of followup after hypospadias surgery. Studies find men with hypospadias tend to have intercourse later in life than men without hypospadias. However, they also find the better a man feels about his body and genitals, which also depends on the appearance of his penis following the operation, the fewer emotional and psychological difficulties he has, the better his well being and how relaxed he is about sex and relationships as a man.

It’s worth noting that a good proportion of men with hypospadias have penis’ on the smaller side. Since penis size can be a source of anxiety, it’s possible that hypospadias boys after repair of more distal hypospadias can grow up with some psychological issues, however it may have some to do with penis size and shape. But, like was told to me a couple times while Emmett was in utero, “Penis’ come in all shapes and sizes”.

The best to you through your journeys, mamas. – Christina

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“Hypospadias boys after repair”
  • My son is 9 months old & he just underwent surgery 2 days ago. Diaper changes are rough. He’s constipated from the pain meds. Any advice? The catheter is very sensitive & causes great pain…

  • Hi Julie, diaper changes can be tough in the beginning. As a mom and not a doc, my advice is try to make diaper changes quick and keep his hands away from the catheter. Coconut oil can help keep his stools soft and help avoid him straining, as well as a stool softener if it’s approved by your surgeon. The pain med and anesthesia can really dehydrate them. Keep up on your post-op instructions and call your surgeon if anything doesn’t seem right. The best to your little guy as he heals. – Christina

  • Hi my name is Ashlee my son Jayson was diagnosed with hypospadias grade 4,chordee, and micro penis he went through 2 testosterone injections and 2 surgeries for the hypospadias, he is now 4 almost 5 and it’s hard because he has a lot of anger issues and I don’t know if it’s normal since I don’t know any other moms who have a son with the same birth defect. My family and I are trying our best to help him and I just wanted to ask was there anything specific you do for your son that helps?

  • Hi Ashlee, it’s good to hear from you. We didn’t give our son testosterone so although I researched it quite a bit we don’t have experience with it specifically. What do you feel his anger issues are stemming from? Does he state anything to you and how is he visually and functionally now?

  • Hi Christina,
    My 6 month old son had a severe penoscrotal hypospadias repair on April 12th. His stent fell out prematurely at 48hrs and now it appears that he’s developed a fistula. What was your experience with this?
    He had a pretty significant post-op bleed the same night he had the repair and seemed to have also developed a little abscess. My husband is a urologist (weird I know) but his focus is cancer and he’s not a mom… I’d really like to hear about some actual experience…especially with the fistula management.
    I’ve cried more than my son has. He seems none the wiser.

  • Dear Christine, I’m so sorry to hear about your experience and the cath coming out early. Our cath came out one week early and we ultimately put one back in. As a mom and not a doc, call your surgeon and docs right away. Take pics, ask questions and get as many opinions and second opinions as possible. Stay on it. I’ll keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Hello
    Did you check for mthfr before your son.underwent the surgery? Nitrous oxide is dangerous for those with mthfr (usually the cause of midline defects) so I’m kind of freaking out for my son. He has a severe hypospadias with chordee so not much choice.

  • Hello,

    My son just had his hypospadias repair surgery. He had a distal hole and a bend. The surgery took 3 hours and all went well. He is 12 months old. We are now on day 3 of recovery and he seems in a lot of pain! We have him on pain meds which tends to bring him back to his loving self for a bit, but still uncomfortable and in a lot of pain. It’s breaking my heart I’m just wondering when is normal for the pain to subside for them? Is it after the catheter is out? I don’t know anyone else who has had this procedure, just looking for any feedback.

  • Hi Meghan, I’m sorry your son is having pain. As a mom and not doc or surgeon, you should call your surgeon and/or nurse right away and monitor what’s going on. Make sure you’re following post-op instructions well, that he’s not able to touch or pull on the catheter at all – you want it to stay securely in place – and that he’s staying hydrated, as the anesthesia can dehydrate them and you want to avoid straining. Perhaps ask your surgeon and/or nurse about anti-spasm medication in case he’s having spasms. Wishing you a fast and successful healing and recovery.

  • My little guy had surgery 4 days ago so we went ahead and took the bandage off tonight and he seems to be in a lot of pain. Is there any ideas on what we could do? I’m guessing it’s because we took the dressing off and it was in there semi tight obviously so now the blood’s flowing causing discomfort? He’s on Tylenol with codeine but it doesn’t seem to even be touching it 🙁

  • Also, I was wondering the best way to do the 2 diaper method. I am having trouble keeping the penis through the hole it keeps slipping through which I don’t think is very comforting getting stuck in between the hole like that. I have went down one size in diaper on the inner one should I go down one more size or what does everyone do?

  • Hi Mandy,

    As a mom and not doc or surgeon, if your little guy’s in pain you might call your surgeon and/or nurse and monitor his pain. Since the surgery was so recent, you’ll want to keep him rested and in a good healing state. Keep up on the post up instructions. The double diapers worked well for us by putting the smaller on the inside and one size up on the outside. Just make sure to keep everything clean and avoid him pulling on the cath. Wishing you a fast and successful healing and recovery.

  • Hi my name is Amy and my son had a hypospadias and he had the surgery to fix it. He is 4 now and I can’t seem to get him potty trained. He wants nothing to do with the potty I even have him in pull ups and nothing. I want to get him trained by the time he goes to school next year. But he is deathly afraid of the automatic toilets at McDonald’s and wal mart. He crys when I take him in the bathroom. I don’t know what to do. He also has a heart defect to a vsd.

    Thank you
    Amy land

  • Hi Amy, I’m sorry to hear you’re having potty training troubles with your little guy. Some boys can strain around potty training. Have you checked his flow to ensure he has a good stream and that he’s not in any pain? We found a standup training potty with a high back that made it easier than sitting down, and made it fun at the same time – treats are good incentives to use the potty as well : ) I hope potty training gets easier for you guys!

  • Hi
    I’m a mother of 18 months boy which had his Hypospadias proximal surgery about a month and a half ago. We had complication with a fistula appearance. He now urinate from the fistula and a narrow jet stream from the head. The thing is that it hurts him while urinating is it normal ??! I just can’t stand him seeing him in pain anymore


  • Hi Soraya, unless you’ve done so already I would reach out to your doctor or surgeon right away and have the fistula checked and discuss with them regarding the painful urination. Sometimes they wait to repair the fistuals and see how they do and others they repair them sooner. Wishing you the best with your little guy and a fast recovery – Christina

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