Dealing with bladder spasms

On Friday we finally got a surgery date. It’s scheduled for two months from now. On the phone with the surgery scheduler I let out an audible sign of relief. “I heard that”, she said. I don’t think she knows how long this road has been and how good it feels to possibly have an end in sight. If we’re graced, this will be our last surgery.

Day by day

Overall we’re getting there, and day by day, things get a little easier. Today I’ll pickup our third bottle of bladder spasm medication, Oxybutynin, and I wanted to share a few thoughts on how to deal with bladder spasms and what you should know about Oxybutynin.

As you may have been told by the nurse or read on the packaging, Oxybutynin dehydrates the body. So if you’ve been prescribed Oxybutynin for bladder spasms, be prepared to keep a bottle of water handy throughout the day to maintain hydration and avoid constipation. If the spasms are related to hypospadias surgery, you’ll want to keep bowels soft and avoid straining. Pickup some Miralax or other stool softener from your local drugstore which you can put in milk, water or juice to help keep things moving. Miralax typically produces a bowel movement in a couple of hours. The Miralax packaging doesn’t provide instructions for small children, however our instructions were a quarter capful a day. You may have to play with the dosage between every day or every other day.

Another side effect of Oxybutynin is the diminished ability to sweat and increased flushing. Because of this we found our little one could easily overheat and just 30 minutes in temps above 80 degrees would make him really flushed and hot. With everything else on our plate, we decided it’s best to keep baby cool when taking Oxybutynin. Also keep in the mind, if you’ve been prescribed antibiotics, these also increase sensitivity to the sun. So before you head outdoors, make sure it’s not too hot, you’re not out too long and you’re sunscreen ready.

By Em’s 6th week taking Oxybutynin, his skin began getting dry. You can check hydration by feeling the soles of the feet. I’d give Em a nightly bath in a couple inches of warm water – this helps with bladder spasms by relaxing the muscles – and follow it with a coconut oil massage to help with the dryness. As coconut oil is a natural stool softener, a spoonful or two of organic virgin coconut oil a night is also helpful for constipation. My little one loves it and will eat by the spoonful like ice cream. Coconut oil is also a nutrient powerhouse, so there’s a win-win.


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